Flooring, painting, wallpapering, kitchen restoring.....

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Facade painting, window restoring, construction....You name it!

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Snow clearance, start-up of cottages/winter close, mounting of furnishings and much more!.

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Sales improvement

Everything from clearance of the flat/house, restoring to contact with a real estate broker....

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New year means new opportunities and new tax deductions! Yet there is still time to hire me for a project. At the end of the year and the beginning of 2018 I will also be in Sweden. It is possible to squeeze in your project! Feel free to contact me.

The webpage is launched!!

Finally the webpage is set….allmost...;)… Shortly there will be a translation into finnish....


Here is my current mission I work with. Restoring windows, Pojo. Traditional crafts in which all (aprx. 50) Windows shall be washed, scraped, sanded, puttied with linseed oil putty and painted with simular paint..

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Feel free to contact us for inquiries. It is possible to write in Swedish, Finnish or English.